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Q: I’m a retired high school teacher and really tired of the local senior dating scene. All the single males here in my home town seem to be either too young, too old and/or too boring for me.

I need to get out of town. Now that I can travel whenever I want, tell me the best places to mingle with interesting senior single men?  Ms. LLA, Houston TX

A: First, surf the internet and/or check with your travel agent to explore the almost limitless choices. Start breaking away from hometown blues with a singles cruise. All offer many get-acquainted events in both day and evening activities. Another way to mingle is to travel on a singles group trip with choices of schedules and interests. You may opt for emphasis on hiking, biking, history, art, entertainment, professions, city tours and other shared subjects.

Further, if helping people appeals to you, volunteer to bring your teaching skills to a world location where you’re needed. It will also give you opportunities to work and socialize with senior male volunteers.

For ongoing info about two of the many popular volunteer travel opportunities, check out roadscholar.org and Habitat For Humanity at www.habitat.org

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