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It seems while airlines keep raising costs of tickets, food and water, flight attendants are becoming less patient with us. What’s your opinion? PRT, Austin TX

A: In our frequent flying, we’ve seen both sides of the question. Crew members are human, and despite strict training, they may occasionally get fed up with passenger demands. For example, here are two of our recent experiences.

Minus: I’m a physically-challenged senior, and boarded a flight leaning on my cane. To get the heavy carry-on into the overhead, I asked the FA to help me. Turning away, she curtly said she didn’t have to do that anymore. Another passenger hoisted the bag for me.

Plus: On another recent flight, the FA willingly stowed my bag in the overhead as I smiled and thanked her. Then, when I tried to squeeze into my economy seat, she smiled and bumped me up to first class at no extra charge.

Proverb: A soft answer (plus smile) turneth away wrath.

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