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Q: On our most recent Vegas visits, the noise got to us when we went to bed. In casinos and restaurants, the modern music is ear-shattering. Even when walking outside, the never-ending rock pounding sounds like street jackhammers.

During the day and evening, we can tolerate loud Vegas. But when we usually get to bed in our hotel room around midnight, the hallway and outside noises often keep us awake for hours. What can we do about it? FMS, Dresher PA

A: Don’t call the front desk. If you’re dragged to another room, the Vegas odds of finding peace and quiet won’t be any better. Consider a couple of simple ways to block out the noise. Soundproof the room: Stuff a large bath towel along the bottom of the door. It will mute some of the loud hallway sounds.

Noise-cancelling ear plugs: Newer models are made with cushioned materials that expand painlessly inside your ear and block out sounds.

Earphones: Choices include large, over-the-ears headphones, which are much more effective in blocking outside sound than small earbuds.

Smartphone: Before leaving home, stock up on your virtual library and silencing needs . While in the hotel bed with your large earphones reducing most external noise, play prerecorded favorite music and/or books you’ve been intending to read.

Some could be Rat Pack or Elvis sessions from way back in those memorable Vegas nights when younger you made lots of your own noise in Sin City. Just ease up, and with external sounds blocked out, you’ll gradually fall asleep and be well refreshed to hit the casinos in the morning.

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