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Q: Like the old Stones song, I can’t get no satisfaction! On a recent flight, my checked bag disappeared. After a lot of haggling, the airline offered me $325, including refund of the bag fee. I lost a tablet computer, quality clothes, medications and jewelry, worth a total of $1,200.

After my complaint, all I get back from the airline is a song-and-dance about depreciation, industry standards and other excuses. It isn’t worth it for me to hire an attorney, but how can I get fair payment for my lost property? ALR, Newark NJ

A: No need to do a King Kong rage about airline luggage problems. First, always be prepared. We keep Efiles of purchase receipts of checked items. In case of loss or damage while traveling, copies are instantly Emailed to the airline with claims.

Also consider how airline beancounters compute payout requests. As insurance companies do on losses, they deduct for depreciation. If your tablet computer cost $800 five years ago, they may offer $200. The same lower value applies to other lost items.

As you mentioned, the modest claim isn’t worth hiring an attorney to demand more money that must be split. Get satisfaction in free flights. Let the airline know you’re willing to negotiate, which may result in offers of tickets worth more than the $1,200 you lost.

For example, a round-trip flight from New York to London today could be about $2,200, including taxes and other charges. Giving away free tickets doesn’t cost airlines much, especially when empty seats are available on flights.

Therefore, for lost luggage claims, and unlike King Kong’s rant, don’t get sore ... get more! For official info, go to www.usa.gov › ... › Air Travel › Resolve Problems


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