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Q: We’re sailing next month, and always have the same argument. A moderate drinker, I want to buy a package deal, where for a one-time fee, passengers can drink unlimited beer, wine and liquor. It’s a no-hassle way to enjoy the cruise.

My wife believes we’d save money if we just pay per drink. And, she insists, it also keeps us from overindulging in all-you-can booze. What do you say? SBD, St. Louis MO A: A package deal can be more convenient than paying per drink, and economical for those who like to indulge. For example, among other on-board deals, Norwegian Cruise Line offers an unlimited daily beverage package. For about $57 per person per day including tips, it covers beer, spirits, cocktails and wines by the glass.

Computing how many drinks you consume during the 24-hour period, decide if it’s worth it. On cruises these days, buying single glasses of wine and beer costs as much as $5 and cocktails $10, plus tips for each. Do the math.

The price is per person, and if your spouse or other adult companion is in the same stateroom, you must buy two packages. Of course, the price may vary by cruise line, ship and time of year. For more information, go to www.ncl.com/freestyle-cruise/gifts-and-more

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