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I was raised during the Depression when my family struggled to get enough to eat. Since then, I’ve always believed it's foolish to put hard-earned money into gambling.

On previous cruises, I’ve always steered away from the onboard casinos. Now I’m set to go to the Caribbean with a group from my senior community, and all they talk about are the casinos, both onboard and in the islands. They laugh at me when I tell them it’s a no-win situation. I’m still not sure about going. What do you think? LMJ, Milwaukee WI

A: Go on the cruise and enjoy the ocean breezes, buffets, entertainment and sights. You can still mingle with your friends when they’re not in the casinos. Don’t nag them about it, even though you’re right about chances of winning.

As with Reno, Las Vegas, Native American and other casinos throughout the world, the odds are always stacked against the cruise ship gambler. According to various statistics, over a period of betting, you typically get 80 to 90 percent of the money back per blackjack hand or slot play. However, by spending several hours gambling in a casino, despite some temporary winnings, it always mathematically combines to assure you’ll lose. However, if it isn’t a matter of throwing away your Social Security check and going hungry, sensible casino gambling can be relatively harmless.

There is such a thing as good luck, which can happen when you win early. Then, as the expression goes, you’ll play the rest of the time on “house money”. We suggest, to show you’re a good sport, join friends at a casino at least once during the voyage. For some info on casino gambling, go to www.fastodds.com/game_odds

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