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My husband’s family has invited us to join them on a cruise from San Diego to Acapulco. My first and last cruise was more than 35 years ago from New York to England. We hit stormy weather and I was violently seasick.

I never wanted to cruise again, but everyone says it won’t happen again this time. If I go, how can I keep from getting sick? MLB, Waco TX

A: First, Mexico’s Baja Peninsula cruising is usually much calmer than on the Atlantic Ocean. Also, with advanced technology, today’s cruise ships sail more smoothly. That said, here are several simple ways to avoid mal de mer.

1. Cruise meals are elegant, but overeating can cause upset stomachs. Eat simple, fresh food and go easy on seconds. Wash your hands thoroughly before eating or drinking. Also, limit the wine and booze. When you go ashore in tourist areas, please do not eat anything from outside carts nor drink local water. 2. Aboard ship, drink lots of bottled water and breathe clean sea air. They keep your body in balance and fight nausea. Get enough sleep and naps, and do a 20-minute hike around the deck at least twice a day. It may also be fun to join a daily exercise group on deck.

3. Bring a sufficient supply of your regular medications, along with pills for seasickness, insomnia, headache, upset stomach, constipation and other typical needs of senior citizen sailors. Before you cruise to Mexico, check with your doctor to be sure you have all the required inoculations.

4. Finally, join in all the cruise activities. Swim, spa, go to stage shows, hit the casino, as well as dine and dance on deck in the moonlight. If you keep active, you’ll be too doggone busy having fun to get seasick!

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