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My spouse and I want to celebrate our anniversary with a ten-day cruise. This isn’t our first, but we’ve never before sailed for more than four days. On those, we always took an inside cabin, and were only in it to sleep. We figured we could view enough ocean scenes at any time by going up on deck.

On our new cruise, should we book a cabin with a balcony, so we can get private vistas day and night?  PRJ, Harrisburg PA

A: First, understand that balcony cabins can cost $100 a day more than inside ones, so determine if you think it’s worth the extra charge. One way to consider it depends on the ship’s destination.

If your next cruise is entirely on the ocean from port to port, do you want to sit on your balcony for ten days and nights and see nothing but water and sky? We’d suggest considering a balcony cabin if your ship visits many ports and/or frequently sails along waters with scenic views of nearby land.

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