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Q: I’m a 66-year-old single newly-retired teacher and would like to take my first cruise. However, the prices are out of sight for me. I understand that sharing a cabin cuts the cost in half, but I’m hesitant to bunk with a complete stranger. What do you suggest? MLF, San Jose CA

A: Go for it, but you may elect to start cautiously. First, get a friend or family member to bunk with you for a short, three-day cruise. If that works, for your next cruise join a group, such as church, education professionals or nostalgia theme trip. Make it a four- to seven-day cruise, sharing a cabin with an already-familiar group member.

After all that experience, and you’re still a happy cruiser, consider a longer and more interesting voyage. Prepare by surfing cabin-share websites, including those posted by cruise lines and senior travel sites, for compatible companions. One of the best and most reliable is the senior-friendly roadscholar.org

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