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Q: I was widowed last year, and after many months trying to get over my loss, I believe I now need to get back to a normal life. Friends and family all urge me to travel, and many claim a cruise is the best way to start living again. Suggestions? Leona F, Chicago IL

A: Maybe best if you ease into it with a short cruise of 3 to 7 days. Try first by going on a theme cruise as part of a group with similar interests, such as same age, religion, vocation, specific entertainment, etc. While on this initial cruise, take your time in mingling, by choosing when and where to be alone and when to be with the group. A note on paying for your cruise: A single person in a cabin pays full price, so you can cut your cost in half by sailing with a roomie. Go with a friend, family member or have the cruise line select a compatible companion. Also check for time of year to get best prices. Winter is usually the cheapest.

For more information, go to themecruisefinder.com or cruisemates.com

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