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Q: Flying seems to be getting more hectic, tiring and expensive all the time. When airlines post bargains of $99 flights, we know that’s the base price, and the actual cost can be as much as 50% higher.

Of course, it’s even more with so-called upgrades. Airlines offer seats that can go flat, but they can add considerably to the cost. My question: Is it worth the extra charge to buy a ticket for that convenience? PG, Atlanta GA

A: It all depends on the length of your flight. We can endure up to three hours crammed into the typically narrow cheap seats if we want to keep to a budget. Upgrades to lie-flat seats could cost from $75 and up, and we feel they’re only worthwhile on longer flights. There are variables. You could get lucky on an intercontinental flight, such as a late-night  red-eye, that’s not fully booked. Once in the air, ask a flight attendant if there are any empty higher-class, lie-flat seats. You may get one free and for a token fee.

Or you may ask to be moved to where you can lift arm rests and snooze flat across two or three unsold seats. In other cases, when purchasing your ticket, ask about using frequent flyer miles for an upgrade from the cheap squeeze seats to something more comfy. Lotsa luck!

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