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Q: We’ve been to Las Vegas many times over the years, and are always eager to return. In previous visits, we loved strolling the Strip and Fremont Street. We also enjoy exploring inside various resorts, as  well as viewing the outdoor celebrations and general wandering.

However, the years are slowing us down, and we’ll need help getting around on our next trip. Vegas hotels have long hallways and we want to window-shop in big retail areas, such as the ones in Caesars and the Venetian. Can we rent something small and light like electric scooters on our next visit?

BL, Milwaukee WI

A: Las Vegas has scads of scooter rental companies, with prices that range from $15 to $50 a day. One example is yellowscooters.com. It offers free delivery and pick-up to your hotel. Two lightweight electric models, Pack’N’Ride 3 Scooter and V10 Portable HD Scooter, are advertised starting at $40 for a single day. However, they get much cheaper per day if you rent for additional days.

The entire city is scooter friendly, so you’ll find sidewalks, ramps, hotel elevators, shops, theaters and restaurants cooperating to accommodate your needs. Incidentally, similar scooter and wheelchair rental agencies exist in Disney Parks, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington and other senior-friendly destinations. Happy scootering!

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