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Q: My company always used travel agents on business trips. I found them very helpful and great sources of information. We now plan to enjoy our sunset years with lots of private travel. With the internet so full of up-to-the-minute trip deals, should we just do our own booking?

Bob S, Seattle WA

A: We suggest the first thing you do is contact that agency you used on the job, and ask familiar experts there for advice on your intended start-up ventures into post-retirement wanderings. Book your first personal trips there. After that, you may arrange brief schedules by yourselves.

You may do better to continue with a trusted, experienced agent in making travel plans. For example, consider details you’ll encounter when considering tours, cruises, overseas destinations and visits to big cities. With caring, professional support of a trusted expert, you may find your trips more trouble-free and enjoyable. They could actually be less costly than if you do it all yourself via the impersonal internet.

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