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Q: Next month we’re visiting China, including Beijing, Hong Kong and the Great Wall. Back a decade or so ago on previous travels, we did lots of traditional photography with film cameras. On this trip we want to get permanent memories of as many sights as we can. We want to do it with lighter, high-tech digital cameras that can also shoot video. What do you suggest?  P.B., Seattle WA

A: You can do it most conveniently with a full-service SmartPhone or similar product with sufficient memory for photos and video. Before you leave home, check out local camera stores and try the many choices.

Once you get the device, spend a week or so practicing and getting comfortable with it. Shoot everything from face close-ups to wide-screen outdoor scenes. Then display the results on your computer to check for focus, lighting, composition and other factors.

For most convenience, the SmartPhone-type is a small device you can whip out at a moment’s notice. To prevent dropping or having it stolen, be sure to use it with a wrist strap.

As they say bon voyage in Chinese ... yi fan feng shun!

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