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Q: We’re reformed smokers, and as the old saying goes, former sinners are the loudest preachers against sin. On recent cruises, we’ve been bothered by smokers in dining areas, by the pools and on the decks. Even in our cabins, we couldn’t get away from the smell left there by previous passengers who smoked.

We’re making plans for a summer cruise and our preference would be a non-smoking policy ship Is it possible to find one?

K.B., Vancouver BC

A: We don’t know of any cruises that are totally smoke-free. Cruise lines make money selling cigarettes to passengers, with some offering special onboard programs for exotic cigar puffing.

That said, pressure from non-smoking passengers is causing the smoke-free areas to be expanded on some cruise ships. For example, Crystal Cruises just announced bans on all inside-ship spaces on some of its ships, and limits outdoor smoking to certain specified deck areas. The new policy will be applied to begin in 2014.

Other lines, including Silversea, Princess, Carnival, Norwegian and Holland America have applied similar smoking restrictions in some of their cruise ship areas. To book your next cruise, our advice is to check with your hometown or online travel agency and choose the one sailing you believe will most fit your need to breathe fresh sea air.

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