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Q: We’ve been cruising for years, but are concerned with the new all-you-can-drink promotions some cruise lines now offer. We like our drinks, too, but don’t want to be on a ship with a bunch of uncontrolled drunks running around on a permanent Spring Break.

What’s your take on the deal?  M.B., Toronto, Canada

A: Royal Caribbean has just announced its Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas ships will offer passengers the opportunity to buy unlimited drinks. Other cruise lines have similar systems already in place. The cost ranges from $40 a day and up.

We haven’t yet heard any binge drinking horror stories happening under these plans. However, there are cruises notorious for loud, hard-drinking passengers. They traditionally include alumni reunions, college spring breaks and all-male corporate conferences.

Our advice is that before you book your next cruise, check with your online or hometown travel agency. Give specific instructions to be sure you don’t unknowingly find yourself aboard a ship of (drinking) fools.

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