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Q: My late husband and I enjoyed our retirement years together with many cruises, beach resort visits and other travels together. A favorite of his was visiting sites where he served during World War II, including England, France, Belgium and Italy.

In the two years since he died, I’ve often thought about travel, but just couldn’t bring myself to go. My children and grandchildren have urged me to get out and get going, but I fear the memories will just make me miss him even more.

What do you suggest? MLR, San Diego CA

A: Your grief is perfectly understandable, but now it’s time to listen to your family members. They believe, and so do we, that travel will ease the pain of your loss.

We suggest you first look into group cruises, specifically ones booked by church and other organizations in your community. If you go, you’ll have familiar companions  to share in the activities. Additionally, when you’re ready to get back into the social scene, consider singles cruises for widowed people in your age group.

Another suggestion to consider is volunteer vacations. Helping others could help you to get past your grief. The Red Cross, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and others offer national and international working assignments, ranging from a week to an entire summer.

For example, if you’d like to help in Italy, a country where your husband served in World War II, check on spending a summer teaching English in Rome, Venice and other cities. (www.globalvolunteers.org/Italy)

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