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Q: I read about a recent incident where electronics were often stolen from checked luggage in New York’s JFK Airport. What can I do to protect my iPad, laptop and other valuable items when I fly?

JBC, Athens GA
A: The most obvious answer is that you should never check them. Keep your electronics in hand at all possible times when going through security. The only moments when they’ll be out of sight is as they’re on the moving belt with other carry-on items.

The most effective way to protect them at that vulnerable time is if you have a companion with you. Send one person through the screening first to stand immediately at the end of the belt, so that there’s no opportunity for a TSA agent nor anyone else to take anything without being seen doing it.

If you’re going through security alone, keep your eyes on your property as much as possible when it goes along the belt and through the scanning machinery. Then get to it quickly at the end of the process.

If a screener distracts you at that moment by asking questions or tells you to move to another area for inspection, first recover your property before responding.

We have found TSA employees to be very reliable and honest in all of our encounters while in airports. However, like police, lawyers, store clerks, car salesmen and others, there is always the possibility of encountering a dishonest one. The simple rule of coping with airport security is to keep your property within sight at all possible moments.

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