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Question: On my recent singles cruise, I was assigned to a big dining salon table with a group of strangers. I didn’t mind at first, and looked forward to making new friends. However, I was like a fifth wheel, while the people there were loud, obnoxious and as friendly as angry cats. I’m booked for another cruise next month, and don’t want it to happen again. How can I avoid this? JBG, Atlanta GA

A: You have several options. If you have a bad experience at your first dinner aboard, go to the purser and ask for a change of table assignments. If you’re cruising alone again, when you check aboard, ask the purser to match you up with other single cruise passengers at a table for two or four. You may be able to opt for a male or female dinner companion who also has requested a dinner companion.

If all else fails, skip the sit-down dinners and eat all your meals at the buffet. Then, at each session you can sit alone or choose to join one or more other lonely-looking passengers as you go to the tables.

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