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Q: We’re celebrating our 40th anniversary with a two-week cruise. We live in a fairly secure neighborhood, but lately there have been burglaries. What can we do to prevent break-ins from happening at our house while we’re gone?

P.J., Skokie IL

Before you go, contact your local police department for suggestions on best ways to protect your house in your absence. Also ask them to drive by in marked police cars to check your house at least once a day and night while you’re gone.

Friendly neighbors and nearby relatives can also help by doing a daily inspections, as well as pick up mail, newspapers and other items that may be left at your front door. It may be helpful to suspend your mail and newspapers for the two weeks you’ll be absent.

Safety can be enhanced if you can set up electronic security, with 24-7 timer-activated on-and-off lighting, TV sets and music. They give your home we’re-here sights and sounds during regular hours.

Another precaution is if you and/or family members are active on social media. Don’t broadcast to online strangers who live in or near your neighborhood about specific planned travel dates from your house. Thieves use the internet to scan for potential home invasions during owner absences.

If you take proper precautions, your trip will be more worry-free. Bon voyage!

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