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Q: We’ve signed up for a cruise that'll keep us away for a month. We’re eagerly looking forward to it, but have one worry. Our elderly dog, Shep, now gets separation anxiety even when we’re gone for only one night. What’s the best way that won't upset him when we’re traveling for such a long time?

J.P., Cherry Hill NJ

A: As frequent travelers, we’ve similar problems with our pets. Young animals, like human kids, are adaptive to change. You can put them in a kennel or summer camp and they’ll be happy with new pals. Older ones are very attached to their surroundings and familiar human faces.

We find the best way is to keep them in your home and hire a sitter. We’re in a large apartment complex, and there are many young tenants who’ll visit, feed, clean and exercise our pets several times a day. We pay from $10 up a day for the service.

In big cities, there are many similar commercial pet walking services, with charges ranging upwards from $25 a day. We’ve use kennels only as a last resort, after researching to find the one with the best reputation for service and cleanliness.

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