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Q: My husband and I just retired, and we plan to celebrate by sailing to Hawaii. This will be our first cruise, and we’re a bit worried. We don’t want to do anything that could spoil it. Briefly, what are your suggestions?

Teresa A, Bronx NY

A: For your first cruise, it’s almost impossible to give you brief advice, but we’ll try:

1. Get a local travel agent: You may be able to find lower prices by surfing the internet, but as first-timers, let an expert offer options and booking.

2. Insurance: Your agent can suggest various kinds of insurance. Trip cancellation and supplemental medical coverage are usually worth the extra dollars, just in case anything goes wrong before and/or during your cruise.

3. See your doctor before you go: Make sure you’re fit enough for the rigors and excitement of a cruise. Take adequate supplies of prescribed meds, including sea sickness prevention.

4. Eat sensibly: Cruises involve unlimited meals, midnight snacks and other potential overeating. Despite temptation, hold close to regular eating habits. If your cruise involves shore excursions, avoid street vendor food and open drinks.

5. Safety first: You’ll be well protected while aboard, but when you venture into tourist areas ashore, keep a watchful eye on valuables and stay in well-lighted, busy commercial areas.

We could go way beyond brief with suggestions for your first cruise. The best advice is to just apply the common sense that got you this far in life, and you’ll be OK. Bon voyage!

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