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Q: We know the rule for getting to the airport is one hour before a domestic flight and two hours for overseas. We’ve always complied, but lately we’ve often seen people run to the check-in at the last minute and they’re allowed through. How can they get away with late arrivals?

Jack P, Portland OR

A: The rule is still in effect. Some late passengers may be allowed to board, but airlines are getting more and more strict about it. These days, once the gate is closed, they could be banned from boarding that flight, and charged $75 or more to book another one.

No matter what the excuse, whether it’s heavy traffic getting to the airport, baggage check or slow security lines, late-arriving passengers may still be banned from their scheduled flights. Additionally, during heavy check-in times between 7 and 9 am, 4 to 6 pm and holiday weeks, you should get to the airport another hour earlier than required.

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