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Airplane $$$

Q: We’re flying cross-country non-stop to attend a family wedding. Because of business commitments, we can only stay one night. Here’s our dilemma. Cheapest way is to be dressed for the wedding as we board the flight. That means no baggage and we can pay tourist.

However, we’ll be aboard for six straight hours, and it would be more comfortable to go casual. We’d check our dress-up clothes and fly higher class. However, the cost for two would go from $800 to $2,000. What do you suggest?

Mario D., Chicago IL

A: Of course, that’s a heckuva price difference. If you don’t want to put out the extra money, consider booking the cheap seats and consolidate without checking luggage.

You shouldn’t need too many items for just a single night, so use one or two carry-ons, plus backpacks, if necessary. Carefully fold flat your dress-up clothes in individual plastic bags into the carry-ons. Take all extras in the backpacks. When you get to your hotel, and if your stuff needs ironing, find a nearby quick-service tailor shop.

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