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Q: We’re taking our young teen grandsons on a Disney cruise. We know they’ll have a great time, but what about us? Will we have to deal with hundreds of screaming kids running around all over the decks, pools and dining areas?

We enjoy cruising, but how do we survive this Disney ocean-going playground experience?

F. Miguel, Chicago IL

A: Senior citizens can have an adult time of of their lives on a Disney cruise, even with your grandkids and all the other junior citizens doing the same. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities you’ll find to have your own fun. For example, you can have a quiet breakfast at the adults-only  Cove cafe with a coffee specialty drink. There’s also a no-kids adult pool, spa, swim-up-to bar and whirlpools. For quiet adult dining, you can go to Palo Restaurant. There are also special adult information sessions aboard about Disney history, food preparation, wine tasting and other features. 

And after your grandsons are safely tucked in in their cabin beds, you can dance the night away in Disney’s Adult Entertainment District. If you need to get totally away from the kids, there are excursions to Serenity Bay, a private beach resort for grown-up sunning and swimming.

Before you sail, check with disneycruise.disney.go.com or your travel agent about the adults-only features on Disney cruise ships.

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