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Old phone

Q: I left a call at the front desk of my hotel for 6 am, so I could get a taxi to the airport for an 8 am flight. The call never happened. I woke up at 7 am, but checking out and getting a cab was already useless.

It cost me extra money to book another flight and I missed an important business meeting. I asked the hotel chain to reimburse me for the trouble and extra expense. I was turned down. What can I do about it?

Jay P., Orlando FL

A: Absolutely nothing! No matter what, you’re responsible to make your flight, not poor service at the hotel. We travel often, and always carry two battery-operated mini-alarm clocks with us. We set one for get-up time and the other to ring 20 minutes later.

Don’t depend on the plug-in alarm clock usually on the night table next to your hotel bed. Too often, it doesn’t work at all or the last guest set it to ring at 2 am, and will blast you out of a deep sleep at the wrong time.

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