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Q: On my last flight with American Airlines, the airport was mobbed, and my flight was delayed by weather, I had to hang around in the crowded sitting area for five hours. The desk clerk suggested an AA One-Day Pass to its chi-chi Admirals Club. The cost is a bit steep, $50. Is it worth it?


A: Maybe when you consider what you get for the $50, it can be worthwhile to stay in the Admiral's Club when you know you’ll be delayed for more than two hours. In the private AA lounge, you get peace and quiet from the noise and crowds in the regular airport waiting areas.

The seats are not painfully rigid plastic, but comfortable soft leather, and no bags nor feet block you from them. There are no backpackers snoozing on the floor tripping you as you try to fight your way through.

The AA lounge gives free drinks and snacks, internet access (often WiFi) and other office facilities. If you have as many as three kids at the airport with you under age 18, they’re admitted with you for free.

Is it all worth $50? That’s up to you.

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