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Hotel lotions

Q: Whenever we stay at a hotel, I take all the little plastic tubes and bottles of body lotions, shampoo and other toilet articles with me when we leave. My husband says that’s stealing? I say it’s there for guests to use and/or take home. Who’s right?
M.J., Buffalo NY

You are absolutely right. Guests are expected to take the little toilet things, whether you use them or not. Hotels print their logos on the containers, and the idea is that whenever you see them, you’ll think about coming back.

Of course, that’s where the taking should stop. There’s the old joke about the thieving guest who complained that the hotel towels were too fluffy and didn’t fit into her suitcase. Towels, sheets, pillow cases, silverware, glassware, electronic gear and other hotel property should not be swiped. In fact, some hotels will check your room after you depart, and if anything valuable is missing, you’ll get an embarrassing bill for its cost.

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