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Q: I’ll attend our company’s annual conference and awards program in Vegas next month. I’m not a gambler and cigarette smoke makes me sick. It’ll be bad enough when I have to be coughing all evening at a big resort’s smoke-clogged convention center, but I can survive if I can find a a nice quiet, clean-aired hotel on or near the Strip. Is there such a place you can recommend? 

A: We like Vegas, too, don’t mind the noise and casino crowds, but hate the addicted smokers fouling up the air. Yes, we’ll reveal the best kept clean-air secret hideaway in Las Vegas. It’s the all-suite Platinum Hotel on Flamingo Road, across the Strip from the Bellagio and  just behind Bally's. If you want to visit other parts of Vegas, it’s conveniently near a monorail station.

Suite prices start from $129 a night. For more information check with your favorite hometown or online travel agency, or go to: theplatinumhotel.com

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