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Vegas pirate girls look much different

Q: We hadn’t been in Vegas for five years, and last week we went there with our grandkids. At ages seven and eight, they’re into pirate ships and battles. We wanted to take them to the free pirate battle that’s held every night outside Treasure Island hotel.

When we saw it years ago, it was a fun spectacular featuring two realistic sailing ships, one manned by guys in pirate costumes who fought a British ship featuring authentically-dressed Navy men.

What we and our grandkids saw on this trip was nothing more than a very adult strip and lap dance show. It was very inappropriate for the youngsters in the crowd. We know Vegas isn’t called Sin City for nothing, but why did they have to ruin the fun of the show?

A: Well, you said it. Vegas is Sin City, and the people who produced the original pirates vs British Navy, figure it needed sexing up. Now it features almost-naked showgirls, called Sirens, and similarly bare male Chippendale dancers.

It seems they want the outdoor show to be like most of the sexy indoor shows. Maybe they expect the free show to induce people to come inside to the theater and pay over $100 a seat and $10 per beer to see just about the same amount of exposed flash and flesh.

Maybe next time you’re in Vegas, take the kids downtown for the Fremont Street Experience. There’s a huge screen overhead that covers three city blocks, and the music and lights are somewhat more family-oriented than the Treasure Island show.

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