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Cruise ship jobs

Q: I’m a 65-year-old widower who just retired, but don’t feel like sitting around in the park with the other old guys or dragging around the golf course. I’m not totally independent, so I need a job that pays something. For years, my late wife and I enjoyed cruising, and am also an old Navy guy. I'm in good shape, so I’m thinking of signing on for a cruise ship job. Do cruise companies hire old guys?

A. Sure thing, sailor. Did you see that 1997 movie, “Out to Sea”, starring the late great Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthou as two old guys who’re hired to be male escorts on a cruise? Some cruises have many women aboard traveling in groups or singly, plus there are specific cruises that cater to single and widowed women. The escort jobs still exist, but we’re not sure if the guys just get free cruises or actually earn some pay.

However, cruise ships regularly hire seniors to do all kinds of for-pay tasks, except for the real heavy-duty seamen duties. You could check on jobs aboard that could be in the casinos, gift ships, photography, kitchen, waiters, tour guides, musicians, room service and a score of others.

For direct contact about jobs with cruise lines, check with the employee wanted sections of their websites. For agencies that list cruise jobs, check with www.jobmonkey.com, newretirement.com and cruises.lovetoknow.com.


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