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Cliff diving may not be the only danger in Acapulco

Q: We’re worried about our college freshman grandkid on her choice of spring break destination. Her sorority is sponsoring a trip to Acapulco, and there have been disturbing reports of violence there lately and in other parts of Mexico. What can we do to talk her out of it? Sam and Jeanne P., Ocean City NJ

A: Of course, the news out of some areas of Mexico now, including Acapulco, is troubling. But, as it concerns it as a spring break location, try to keep it in context. The dangers to young people are always out there, not just in Mexico. A positive thought is that Acapulco officials realize the city’s major industry is tourism, and news of violence there does great damage to their economy. You can be sure they’ll do everything possible to protect visitors, including spring break celebrants.

Of course, if your granddaughter insists on going to Acapulco, she has definite responsibilities to protect herself, whether there or at any other spring break destination. Some of the more important ones are:

1. Don’t go anywhere alone for any reason, most especially at night.
2. Don’t accept invitations from strangers to go on individual dates. Always stay with your group.
3. Don’t eat anything raw or cooked directly from an open-air food cart.
4. Brush your teeth with, and drink only bottled water.
5. If you’re underage, don’t drink anything with alcohol in it.
6. If you do drink, do it only from bottles of liquor and beer you can see being opened.
7. Stay away from alcoholic mixed drinks served at a bar.

All in all, if she pays close attention to safety rules, your grandkid is just about as safe in Acapulco as she would be in any other spring break destination this year.


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