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Q: We're worried about being stuck on the tarmac. Friends say they sat for five hours last week and were not allow to get off the plane. What's the latest rule?

A: We’re sure everyone now sitting in a delayed flight on the tarmac for the past six hours will appreciate the latest government regulation. It orders that airlines with flights within the U.S. can no longer keep passengers on board delayed flights for more than three hours on the tarmac. Now the passengers must be allowed to leave the airplane and go back to the comforts of the terminal.

Of course, there are all kinds of ifs and buts in the rruling that allow the airlines to find excuses to ignore the order, such as weather delays, equipment repairs and others. Does that include time required to sober up the pilot?

Photo of 1930s air passengers and nurse

Remember back in the days when stewardesses were all nurses?

If tarmac delays continue to stretch out, they may be needed again!

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