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Senior couple

Try a singles cruise or group trip to meet new friends

Q: We were college roommates who just got together again after more than 30 years. We’re both divorced, and our kids are on their own. We’re still young enough to want to get back into the dating game. We both enjoy traveling. What do you suggest?

A: Lots of ideas for you to consider. Here are just a few to reintroduce you to singles scenes of fun and games:

1. Singles cruises: Because you enjoy travel, the best way to refamiliarize you to the dating scene is to sign on for a singles cruise. They’re relatively inexpensive, all-inclusive, and feature many onboard and excursion events that get the singles to mingle.

2. Group trips: Check with AARP and Exploritas (formerly Elderhostel) for the many senior travel events they promote. The ventures range from eco-travel to the Amazon, to river cruises in China to showbiz ventures in Las Vegas and many, many more. Some are for singles only, and they may be your best bet for your search to meet new people.

3. Community activities: Volunteer at a local museum, church and/or theater group. Many seniors and retirees, both men and women, give their time and talent to social and community organizations. If you’re looking to meet nice guys, volunteers are usually the best types of new acquaintances you’d want to make.

4. Onlilne dating: This new phenom has changed the entire picture of singles seeking relationships. There are hundreds of websites, some specializing in matching up senior singles. A very close relative of ours, recently divorced and in her late 50s, signed up three years ago to an online dating service. She met a guy her age who lived just a few miles away in a condo on the beach. They’ve been happily together ever since.

However, you need to be very careful when you consider venturing into online dating. There are many racketeers out there, as well as predators and other dangerous characters. The best advice is to check with friends who’ve had experience with online dating, and get their opinions about the good and bad sites.

Good luck, ladies, in your search for meaningful new relationships!


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