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Carry-On Fees: The Spirit is Willing to Charge More! PDF Print E-mail

Spirit Airlines is the latest carrier to charge ever-increasing fees for carry-on bags. The boost from $45 to $100 makes it actually more expensive to stuff bags in the overhead bin than the price paid for some tickets.

For example, a current Spirit special offers “cheap fare” round trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for $82, fees and taxes included. If that’s all you want to pay, take along only small bags that fit under your seat.

This latest effort to extract more money can add to the frustration of passengers who already pay $150 for those $99 specials other airlines frequently display in their ads. It seems there’s always a 99 rip-off somewhere in misleading ads, such as typical gas station signs that offer $3.99 and $4.99 per gallon.

Memphis TN: Steamboat revival a champagne smash! PDF Print E-mail

The widow of Elvis, Priscilla Presley recently broke the traditional bubbly bottle to relaunch the American Queen steamboat. After nearly five years off the river, the Queen is expected to begin again regular passenger cruising of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

The 418-foot-long paddlewheeler is scheduled to carry up to 436 passengers. From Memphis, the Queen will typically make port visits in Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

For schedules, prices and other information on the American Queen, go to greatamericansteamboatcompany.com

Rome, Italy: Gladiator Theme Park Planned PDF Print E-mail

After 2,000 or so years, gladiators may soon start hacking away at each other again in a Disney-like Circus Maximus. A theme park reported to be called Romaland is being planned for the Italian capital city.

The new tourist attraction is expected to contain many of the ancient features. In addition to gladiator fights, there will be chariot races, legionaires and other reminders of the glory that was Rome.

While all the theme activities haven’t yet been announced, we can assume that no Christians will be fed to the lions, nor fiddling emperors nor Vestal Virgins sacrificed at Romaland.

Las Vegas NV: Hangover Bus Is New Strip Service PDF Print E-mail

While on a business or vacation trip, how many times have you overdone it during an evening of fun and games in Venice, London, New York, Los Angeles or Las Vegas? OK, let’s include Cartagena, Colombia.

Then, after the celebration, you really needed help, but all you could do was try to crawl back to your room and sleep it off. And, of course, there was the morning-after hangover to add to your misery.

Now, a Las Vegas medical unit, aptly named Hangover Heaven, is in business to make that overindulgence ordeal a bit more bearable in Sin City. A bus cruises Las Boulevard (The Strip) nightly, stopping at the luxury hotels along the busy street to pick up revelers in need of various medical services.  

The initial fee is $130 for the ambulance-like pick-up and immediate examination on board for treatment. The medical team then goes to work to provide oxygen, IVs, medication and other tender cares. The service also provides for returning clients to their hotel rooms or, if necessary, to a local hospital.

For more information, go to hangoverheaven.com. If you’re already in Las Vegas and may soon feel the need, call 702-900-0660.

Vacation Hotels: Best For Family Visits PDF Print E-mail

USAToday and TripAdvisor named their choices for the top ten hotels and resorts for family travelers in the U.S. We note with agreement with voters that six of them are on or near Disney parks. Five for Walt Disney World and one at Disneyland.

Those listed include Disney's Wilderness Lodge, WorldQuest Orlando Resort, Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa, Marriott's Harbour Lake and Floridays Resort, all in Orlando. The Homewood Suites by Hilton Anaheim-Main Gate Area in Garden Grove CA are near Disneyland.


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