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Voluntourism: Help Others On Your Next Vacation PDF Print E-mail

Enjoy those senior travels by helping to repair housing in Africa, clearing a beachfront in Asia or many interesting ways to make your visit meaningful. The trips are not free, but they’ll reward you in other ways.

Many U.S. and international opportunities are always available. Consider some offers from REI Adventures, American Hiking Society, Discover Corps, Global Volunteers, Earth Watch and many others. After your next volunteer vacation, you may go home tired, but with the satisfaction that you’ve helped people to better lives.

Scratch, Scratch? Are Your Hotel Bedsheets Fresh? PDF Print E-mail

Recently your travel4senirs.com editor spent an unhappy night in a Las Vegas hote. In the morning I felt itching on my feet and legs. When I turned back the covers, I saw little live black specks. I quickly checked out.

A Chinese hotel may help the industry avoid such problems by using a high-tech system that reveals when bed linen was last washed. The Wuhan will implant microchips into bed sheets, towels and quilts. Incoming guests’ cell phones will reveal the date of last washing. When that happens in the US and other world vacation area, maybe there will be less scratching.

United to introduce new crew uniforms PDF Print E-mail

1920s airline stewardess

Although illustrations for the designs haven’t been revealed yet, United Airlines recently announced that its flight crews would be wearing new uniforms by the end of 2010.

They'll be created by famed clothing designer Cynthia Rowley, who said she plans to design the uniforms for comfort and utility, as well as for contemporary style. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending to your tastes, the new uniforms will not be anything like the miniskirts, go-go boots and hot pants flight attendants wore in the early 1970s.

How many of we who are vintage frequent flyers remember the aircrew uniforms of the 1930s? The pilots looked then just about the way they appear today, with sort of military suits, brass buttons and Air Force style caps.

Rail Europe Offers Thalys Special 50% Discount on One-Way Train Tickets for Travel Between France-Be PDF Print E-mail
Rail Europe offers up to 50% off the regular price for one-way full-fare tickets on all routes of the high-speed Thalys train connecting Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam-Cologne. Tickets must be booked through Rail Europe by August 15, 2009 for travel through August 29, 2009.
JetAmerican offers $9.00 airline fares PDF Print E-mail

JetAmerica, the nation's newest air service, which is offering one-way non-stop fares for as low as $9, reports that 48 hours after its e-commerce website - www.JetAmerica.com - went active at 12:01 a.m. May 27, 2009 that ticket sales reached 12,000 just after midnight May 29, 2009.


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