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Stacked suitcases

Is this offer such a big deal? Doesn’t it already cost $25 to check your bags on each flight, so you’d have to fly United ten times within the year to break even. Busy business flyers may find it a bargain, but not necessarily the typical vacation traveler who may fly United only two or three times a year.

As with the questionable United deal, travelers are always being bombarded with all kinds of specials that may not be so special. If you’re comparing flight prices, before you make reservations, check with the airlines or your travel agent to get the actual total costs. Don’t sign up for the $99 advertised cross-country specials until you get all the facts about add-ons and extra service costs.

Understand that all flights, cruises, hotel rooms, resort vacations and other travel deals are subject to many add-ons, such as taxes, baggage, meals, fuel surcharges and others. When you’re quoted prices, always demand what the total full cost figures will be, and don’t be surprised if they’re from 20 to 40% higher than those attractive advertised specials.


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