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Cartoon of smoker

Many of us now in our senior years can remember when smoking on flights was unrestricted, and we sat through flights while the recycled cabin air turned choking blue with stinky cigarette and cigar smoke. Now, for the past decade or so, passenger smoking has been banned by every airline. However, some genius in Ryanair has just come up with a brilliant idea to bring back tobacco in the air.

Ryanair will allow passengers to puff cigarettes on board and get their nicotine fix. However, they’ll have to do it by sucking on a dry product called Smokeless Cigarettes. The cost per pack of 20 costs about $9 or 6 Euros.

OK, now that Smokeless Cigarettes are allowed in the air, what’s next? Boozeless booze drinks, imaginary added leg- and arm-room in the cramped seats and, maybe best of all, inflatable plastic flight attendants.


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