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Las Vegas

Times are toooo sloooowwww in the Nevada gambling mecca, and you’ll find bargains galore all around town. Hotels and casinos are giving away lots of coupon books and tickets. When you first check into your hotel, ask the front desk clerk for any current free or discount offers for meals, rides, entertainment, casino games and other goodies. Also check in-flight and in-room magazines for similar deals.

Get a player’s card as you check in, and use it in every machine game you play, because it automatically adds up points for free meals, entertainment and future hotel stays. If you’re playing at a table game in a casino for at least an hour, first give your card to the pit boss to earn even higher credits.

We always stay at our favorite Strip hotel, and our very modest gambling earns us the next two- or three-night stay for free every time we return. That comp alone earns us at least $300 per visit.

Sometimes, players’ cards can bring surprises. Recently we earned a $10 free slot play ticket, used it in a favorite video poker machine and won a $1,500 with a royal flush. But Vegas isn’t all fun and games, because hotels and casinos are not there to give it all away. Like any other business, they must make a profit. So, don’t expect to win. All the flashing lights, bells, whistles, cheap eats, busty showgirls and the rest are there to lure you into emptying your bank account in Vegas.

So, get real. From the moment you arrive in town, understand that statistics prove you’re expected to lose at the gambling tables and slot machines. If everyone’s dreams of casino riches came true, Vegas would soon once again become a sleepy little desert village in the middle of nowhere. Your goal during your visit can be to hope to win, but expect to lose while having a fantastic fun time while it’s all happening.

There are many resources on the net for current information about Vegas deals. One is Anthony Curtis’ Las Vegas Advisor, at lasvegasadvisor.com. There are many, many others, including EarlyVegas.com ... govegas.com ... accessvegas.com ... vegas.com. Also, check with your favorite online or hometown travel agencies for all kinds of Vegas promotions, including combined air and hotel packages.

And by the way, good luck!


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