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The private home lodging organization continues to expand its services. They now include many of its private houses that have helpful facilities, such as elevators, to make visits safer and more comfortable for elderly and handicapped clients.

Often more suitable for seniors than busy hotels, Airbnb homes are less expensive, especially when the visit involves large family and group travelers. For example, a Florida beachside resort hotel charges $400 a night per room.

A nearby Airbnb also costs $400 a night. However, a group of eight people would need four hotel rooms, costing $1,600 a night. The Airbnb home with four bedrooms, kitchen, living room and other private features is only $400 a night.

When planning your travel, the best way to set up a handicap-friendly Airbnb visit is to check directly with private owners in the location where you plan to visit. In that way, you can request photos and discuss specific safety and accommodation details of the house and surrounding areas. For more info, check with your travel agent and/or go to airbnb.com


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