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If your travels take you to New York, and you want to enjoy the traditional theater experience, be aware. Tickets to Bruce Springsteen concerts and other popular Broadway shows are beyond insane prices. According to BloombergMarkets, some scalpers sell them for as high as $10,000.

No one, except maybe a grossly-overpaid NFL kneeler, politician or phony pro boxer, can afford to pay that price. This expensive ticket offers about 60 minutes of a scruffy, aging millionaire on stage howling and strumming his guitar. Included at no extra cost are probably some sincere protest lyrics about how evil rich people exploit the downtrodden poor.

To avoid the grossly inflated scalper prices online, get your tickets as far in advance as possible from legitimate theater sources. They’ll still be high-priced compared to what you paid a dozen or so years ago, but unlike General Custer, you may avoid being scalped.

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