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If your autumn travel schedules include visits to some South of the Border cities, consider the growing gang violence in certain areas. According to the Los Angeles Times and other news sources, the US government warns that the traditional senior tropical destination of Cancun is dangerous for visitors.

The city is on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, with tropical coastal beaches and lush hotels welcoming visitors. However, the growing drug gang violence in the area should be a warning to seniors who vacation there.

Increased rules of safety should be followed in the area, especially by vulnerable seniors. When out for the evening, particularly in Cancun’s downtown section, never walk outside without at least one companion by your side at all times.

Always, night and day, carry a well-charged smartphone, with the city’s police department emergency number loaded in, with just a click necessary to call for help. When using the smartphone to take photos, video or selfies during busy dances and other events, be sure you hold it securely. Always be aware of any strangers who seem to be deliberately getting close to you.

Women should keep valuables in a secure purse tucked under an elbow. Men make their wallets save by putting them in a buttoned or zippered upper body front pocket.


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