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It has happened to all of we senior flyers too many times. We go aboard, find our seat and a drunk plops down next to us. The breath and annoying behavior are bad enough. Then the drunk barfs.

For some passengers, boarding delay in the airport is boozing time. And with today’s screwed up flight schedules, that means an hour or more at the airport bar, then throw-up sickness after boarding. Another factor is that many airlines serve unlimited rounds of booze during flights. For that six-hour coast-to-coast and 12-hour overseas journey, it can add up to the same disgusting result. Non-drinking passengers would be grateful if in-flight booze were limited, especially when a drinker has obviously had too much.

Ryanair seems to have come up with a good idea for protecting other passengers from the drunks. The Irish airline suggests airport shops serve no booze before 10 am and limit the number of alcholic drinks to two per customer. Another suggestion from Ryanair is that no duty-free booze is allowed to be opened and consumed during flights.

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