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ALA reports six to the top 10 in the USA are in California. We have to assume their expert beancounters took little bottles to each of the cities, captured some air and then came home to test it the lab.

And their results are as clear as the (cough, cough) air over such pristine, but unmentioned, cities as New York, Philly, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Boston and  Cleveland. So, next time you take your senior lungs to one of the above unnamed cities, breathe deeply the pure, unsmoggy air.

The ALA list for this year, with the awful atmospheres are, in rank (smell) order: Bakersfield CA, Visalia CA, Fresno CA, Modesto CA, Fairbanks AK, San Francisco CA, Salt Lake City UT, Logan UT, Los Angeles CA and Reno NV.

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