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We see them on just about every flight. Those inconsiderate people who make your time in the air even less pleasant than the ever-smaller, overpriced seats. The USA Today survey’s top five on the list:

Rear seat kicker: Usually a nasty kid who does it lightly until you complain, then ramps up to woodpecker intensity. Inattentive parents: They bring the little seat kicker aboard just to bug you, plus a screaming, incontinent baby to complete the musical duo.

The aromatic passenger: Always seated next to you, eager to fill the air with distinctive smells. They may include unwashed clothes, cheap perfume, cigarette breath and/or combinations of all three and more.

The audio insensitive: Eager to share the latest screaming and screeching recorded noise right next to your sensitive ear. Kanye ever escape from it?

The boozer: The clothing and breath odors precede the staggering alcoholic even before your seatmate plops down next to you. Then, a stinky hello is the prelude to a frightening flight.

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