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Opinion: It must have been inspired by recent news items about male passengers making male passes at female seatmates. Of course, we endorse the protected seating for all airlines where women may fear being groped by horny male strangers.

But, as long as there’s a female-only section, it’s only fair that there also be male-only seating. There guys will be able to relax, take off their shoes and unbuckle their belts. They’ll be free to pick their noses, rub their toes and vigorously scratch the more intimate parts of their bodies.

They’ll also be permitted to loudly discuss politics, women, sports and booze while using all the four-letter words they choose. And after dining on the airline meal, the guys won’t be restricted from belching and emitting loud noises from other areas of their bodies.

And... uh ... about the flight seating of transgenders ...

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