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We always appreciate the interesting travel articles we see daily in the prestigious news source. However, we must voice an opinion on the above pronouncement.

We find the list quite believable, but only under perfect conditions. There’s no such heavenly place as a top airport unless you’re a flight-bound pro athlete or crooked politician with unlimited millions of bucks. Those privileged few ride limos to the airport, bypass security lines, board immediately and caressed by flight attendants. While in the air, they lounge flat in their private super first class compartments while sipping champagne and munching caviar.

Meanwhile, for we flying cattle car peasants, any airport experience can be a nightmare. The depressing happenings often include traffic jams, long security lines, body part grabs, jammed airline seats and lousy, if any, food.

Anyhow, here are USA Today’s top five airports: Phoenix AZ, Portland OR, San Diego CA, Salt Lake City UT and Honolulu HI. We’ve experienced them all, and agree they’re excellent when conditions are favorable.

USA Today’s bottom five, surprise, surprise, are Detroit MI, Chicago O’Hare IL, Newark Liberty NJ, New York NY JFK and bringing up the rear, New York NY LaGuardia. We’ve endured them all and agree.

However, onsidering their traffic-jammed big-city locales and always mobbed passenger areas, it isn’t surprising they’re rated the lowest. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/todayinthesky/...usas...airports/93228668

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