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The United Nations named its annual Human Development Index (HDI), and one Scandinavian utopia is on top for the 12th straight year. Norway, Land of the Midnight Sun, again was first on the HDI, which ranks 188 countries based on three dimensions of human development: health and life expectancy, access to knowledge and the average standard of living.

Norway has a life expectancy of nearly 82 years, its citizens average 12.6 years of schooling, and it has a per capita income of $65k. That latter number is part of the reason why it was also named the world’s most prosperous country (for the7th straight year).

Norway offers 20 hours of sunlight per day through late July. For visiting seniors, that’s perfect for biking, extended midnight summer swims, mountain trail hiking, outdoor dining and other fun activities.

For seniors who are internet message enthusiasts, the term troll was created in Norway. Originally, it was an ugly forest creature who can only be defeated by sunlight. Then it turns into stone. So, next time you encounter an offensive internet complainer, turn him/her off by flashing some sunlit truth at it.

For more info, go to www.visitnorway.org

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