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We senior roamers are all too familiar with the rip-off practice. The ads tout hotel room rates at $99.99. Then, when you check out, the out-of-pocket price is actually up to $159.99. Of course, says the sneering-at-your-stupidity desk clerk, there’s the resort fee, wi-fi fee, turn-down fee, honor bar fee, state/city tax and several other add-ons you shoulda expected.

Maybe there will be some relief, or at least exposure to the rip-off tactics if Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill succeeds in getting a national bill passed. The proposed law is that all charges are stated up front when customers reserve rooms.

It may not lower the actual out-of-pocket cost, but at least you’ll know exactly what the room price is when booking. Now, if the good Senator can apply the law to airline add-ons and gas station signs, we senior travelers may benefit from something rare in the travel business: truth in advertising.

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