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Scientific reports now predict that by 2020, lifelike full-size holograms will be so realistic that they’ll be a major entertainment feature for travelers. You’ll be able to interact with projections of scenes and stars of the past as if you were part of the act.

Instead of spending lonely hours in airports or aboard flights, you’ll experience being in the midst of what feels like live action. Broadway stages, Hollywood movie sets, sunny beaches, endless deserts, towering mountains, schussing ski trails, exotic cruises and much more. Just imagine you’ll be able to rock with the Beatles, sing with Satchmo and roam the trails with John Wayne. Enjoy working on the waterfront with Marlon Brando, swim with Esther Williams, shake with Elvis and croon with Sinatra.

Of course, it must all end when you need to deplane, claim your baggage and try to hail a taxi.

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